Welcome to the San Bernardino County Printing Services, Graphics and Video Unit

The San Bernardino County Purchasing Department’s Printing Services, Graphics as well as Video Unit is a full-service printing shop all set to deal with every one of your design, printing, and video requirements. If you are a San Bernardino County Office looking for Print, Graphics, or Video work, please call us to get begun. We eagerly anticipate dealing with you!

For video, activity graphics, and digital photography questions, call:
– James Feeney, (909) 387-2143, James.Feeney@pur.sbcounty.gov

For printing and graphics inquiries and also quotes, call:
– Brett McNamara, (909) 387-2040, Brett.McNamara@pur.sbcounty.gov
– Gerald Lebert, (909) 387-2644, glebert@pur.sbcounty.gov
– Efrain Torres, (909) 388-0141, etorres@pur.sbcounty.gov