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Mustang Trading llc – mtc dubai uae provides professional UV printer printing services and digital printing in dubai.

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What is UV printing?
UV printing is similar to the printing process as an offset press except you are using UV lights, stationed between each printing unit, to dry specially formulated UV inks.
This means that when the printing is done on the machine there is no need to dry the product or item.

What are the Advantages of UV Printing services?
UV printing has many advantages to conventional printing process on promotional gifts | corporate gifts | personal gifts etc
1. Fast turnaround – super fast UV printing production
2. Environment friendly printing – Eco friendly production inks and printing process.
3. Gradation full color printing on many products and substrates .
4. Full color printing on wood | metal | plastic | glass and ceramic.

Is UV printing Environmentally Friendly?
Yes, One of the reasons for the growth in Middle-east in UV inks is concern over environmental issues. UV printing is fast becoming the new industry standard around the world because there are no solvents used. Solvent based inks are toxic and the main ingredients of these inks are Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Solvent based inks produce toxic fumes which escape into the atmosphere contributing to air pollution and Methane, a greenhouse gas, (part of VOCs ) contributes to enhance global warming.

The UV process releases no VOCs making it much safer for the environment, benefiting all of us.

UV printing produces NO dangerous chemicals that are on the list of regulated Hazardous Air Pollutants produced by The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The UV printing process surpasses all the EPA emissions standards. The benefits of UV print being insoluble means it is put into landfill it remains a solid and doesn’t biodegrade back into the environment. Clean technology without any (VOCs) thereby preserving the environment.

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