The 27 Software Tools You Need for a Screen Printing Shop

What software do you need for a screen printing shop? Here are 27 essential software tools to make running your screen printing business easier, faster, more fun, and more profitable.


PART 1: Management/Communication
If you think of “where the work in your shop happens,” you probably think of your production floor. That’s what these platforms and apps do: they’re where you actually work on your business.

What it does: manages your screen printing, embroidery, DTG, or signage shop from anywhere on virtually any internet-connected computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet.
Where to get it:

QuickBooks Online
What it does: manages accounting, taxes, expenses, and more
Where to get it:

What it does: payroll, benefits, payroll taxes, time tracking and HR
Where to get it:

Indeed and Zip Recruiter
What it does: help you hire people to grow your business
Where to get it: and

Lucid Chart
What it does: builds simple visual charts and workflow diagrams
Where to get it:

What it does: manages internal development and complex projects (like marketing, content, etc.)
Where to get it:

What it does: collects payment online
Where to get it:

Ring Central
What it does: software for managing, setting up, recording, and tracking VOIP and phone calls
Where to get it:

PART 2: Productivity
The right tools make all the difference. There are a glut of useful, affordable, and effective tools for becoming more productive. These apps and software provide valuable services and let you get more things done faster.

What it does: provides the best email inbox and a robust suite of apps and services to help you and your employees run your business
Where to get it:

What it does: lets you share an email inbox in a highly transparent manner
Where to get it:

What it does: generate reviews and positive feedback to Yelp, Google, Facebook, and other sources – while sending negative reviews directly to you
Where to get it:

What it does: manages expenses and receipts for employee reimbursements.
Where to get it:

What it does: connects multiple apps, websites, or online services.
Where to get it:

What it does: records, edits, and shares videos (particularly for screen recordings, coaching, and training) quickly and easily
Where to get it:

What it does: helps train your staff and even your customers by creating a step-by-step process
Where to get it:

What it does: a powerful video chat platform
Where to get it:

What it does: lets your team communicate internally
Where to get it:

What it does: lets customers, potential employee candidates, and anyone else choose a time for meetings that works for them – and you
Where to get it:

What it does: puts forms onto your websites for things like quoting, inquires, and even helping contract shops get and place orders
Where to get it: and

PART 3: Marketing
From building websites to posting to social media to purchasing advertisements on the web, there are tons of apps and tools designed to make marketing a snap.

What it does: lets you make incredible custom websites easily.
Where to get it:

What it does: lets you create beautiful marketing materials on the fly.
Where to get it:

What it does: gives you access to affordable music you can use in videos
Where to get it:

What it does: posts to multiple social media websites at once
Where to get it:

What it does: lets you send regular email campaigns to every contact you have.
Where to get it:

What it does: lets you send cold emails.
Where to get it:

What it does: sets up retargeting campaigns so your ads can display directly on tons of websites.
Where to get it:

What it does: lets you test, build, and manage ads on Facebook and other platforms
Where to get it:

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