New Ideas for Screen Printing Shop – Vol. 5

Yo! Back with another montage of improvements we’ve implemented around the shop recently.

Please excuse the overall production of the improvement clips. We’re getting better at them every time we film one, but something we stress here is to put the message over the medium. We want to encourage everyone on the team to dive in and teach the rest of the team about the waste they experienced and the improvement.

So these are quick, on-the-spot videos and all I’ve really done is combine our favourites and adjust some audio. No fancy editing or filming, it’s all about lateral communication.

They’re super easy to film and we watch these videos together at our morning meeting so everyone can grow together and learn a new process.

And so I wanted to share some of the best ones as-is in this montage format and I hope it’ll inspire some good ideas on your end. Enjoy!

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