How Much Does Metal 3D Printing cost? Here are Some Examples.

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In this video, we discover 9 various applications for metal 3D printing (additive manufacturing) and the prices as well as material intake connected with each part. All components were generated with the Desktop Metal Studio System using a bound metal deposition (BMD) procedure. The material used in each part is defined together with an application description as well as the market.

PLEASE NOTE: This is the cost of part on the Desktop Metal Studio System including all consumables and also presuming the usage of container gas. If making use of an in-house gas link, the cost will be reduced. Component expense is computed as complies with:

Part Cost = Print Media Cost (Fabricate) + [Debinder Fluid+ Furance Gas+ Electricity/ # of Parts per Run]
The component prices as well as material intake are based upon system ownership as well as 3D printing the components internal. The part cost is additionally based on the BMD process, other metal additive production procedures like Direct Metal Laser Sintering and Binder Jetting, along with outsourcing these parts to be produced by a steel 3D printing service bureau (like us!) will certainly have various costs connected.

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