Complete Print Shop from Postmark

Introducing the Complete Publish Store from Postmark.

This is a modular system that can be constructed to fit your requirements.

Pick your print engine:
PM-417 (canon 4.17″ Printer).
PM-836 (canon 8.36″ Printer).
Design MCP (Memjet 8.77″ Printer – disappointed in this video clip).

Pick your conveyor.
12 x 42″ Solid Belt Conveyor.
18 x 60″ Solid Belt Conveyor.

Choose your Feeder.
Model MPF Friction Feeder.
Model VCP VCF Vacuum Feeder (for paper napkins).

Pick your Other options.
T Frame Bridge (for up to 16″ of height changes).
5″ Roll To Roll System.
10″ Roll To Roll System.

Pigment as well as Dye inks available for the Canon printheads. Inks require a permeable material to abide by or an inkjet finishing.

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