Raising Your Screen Printing Prices and Crushing Sales With Alive Print Shop in Las Vegas

Simply ask Alive Print Shop owner Austin Boyd. “Weird stuff simply happened to work out,” Austin jokes, charting the rocket ride from $1M in earnings to $2M and also past.

Austin breaks down just how he’s used Grant Cardone’s academic series to help his sales team become resilient, pleasant, and also fun. “There’s 300 million budgets available, and a person intends to offer you their money,” Austin says. The group dedicates a small chunk of time to improvising, training, as well as finding out how to get in touch with people as well as it’s paid huge dividends for the sales team.

” Last year is not over,” Austin told us. “We need to be as versatile as we can. We do not have a plan now, we have a method.” The smart steps that Austin has actually made boiled down to one easy factor: get assist! As business scales, Austin has looked for people and also systems to aid him focus on what he truly likes doing: growing the organization.

We think you’ll be surprised by Alive Print Shop. Examine them out www.aliveprintshop.com and also on Instagram at www.instagram.com/aliveprintshop.

00:00 Intro
00:33 How was 2020?
01:59 Building a structure
02:35 Why relocate your shop?
04:29 How print stores obtain big brand names
06:40 How to go from $1M to $2M.
09:15 Sales training.
10:10 “This organization is not made complex”.
11:15 Starting out.
12:15 Impressions Expo.
13:17 Taking over a printing shop.
When to ask for assistance, 16:04.
17:10 Raising rates.
17:54 How much to elevate costs.
18:25 Flat rate rates.
19:52 Equipment will not make cash.
20:45 Did Alive lose consumers?
23:00 Someone will certainly pay your cost.
24:00 What would certainly you do earlier?
27:30 The Alive team.
28:57 Measuring inbound calls.
29:35 Is a signboard worth it?
33:04 The Alive site.
35:47 Production software.
36:18 DTG thoughts.
38:05 How to do outgoing sales.
42:37 Paying sales compensations.
44:25 Growth hacking: the handoff.
48:10 Biggest challenges in 2021.
50:30 Outro.

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