Nexa3D is Delivering 3D Printing Services to Combat Covid-19

At Nexa3D, we never run away from challenges, we run towards them.

Over the past couple of weeks, we allocated resources and facilities to scale the manufacturing of thousands of Nexa3D Shields using a fleet of our ultrafast NXE 400 printers and producing personal protection gear that is compliant with Class 1 devices as listed under the emergency order.

The Nexa3D Shields protect the face, mouth, and eyes from spray and splatter. The one-size-fits-all shields are easy to assemble and simple to clean and reuse.

Additional Nexa3D Covid-19 activities have been selected based on frontline needs, technical feasibility, and regulatory implications and include additional protective gear for professionals and individuals, nasal swab test kit swabs and other mission critical parts.

In all instances, once designs have been tested and validated by the medical community, Nexa3D is allocating the required resources to scale production to tens of thousands of parts per week.

There has never been a more urgent time for us to build a better and safer future together.

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