Make Money 3D Printing – How to Start a Business Step by Step

Starting a 3D Printing Business?
You need to build a brand/website! I use and recommend using Wix

I started my 3D printing business over four years ago, in this video I review the steps that I went though to both start and grow the business.

3D Printing Business Blueprint Slideshow

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00:00​​​ Introduction
00:50 Step 1
02:05​ Step 2
03:30​​ Step 3
06:37​​​ Website Building Example
08:24 My Websites
14:55​​​ Step 4
15:52​​​ Step 5
17:42​​ Step 6

Products I use daily and recommend

Best Printer Under $500 –
Glass Bed –
Slight upgrade to Ender 3 –
Best Overall Printer –
Larger Print Bed Printer –
BL Touch (I dont use this one, but some people like them) –
Adhesive –
Filament –

👀 WHO AM I ?!
After graduating from Engineering school I pursued a quick professional football career in the Canadian Football League. I retied from the CFL after just two years to focus on business development and investing. I currently own and operate an engineering design and 3D printing company and a few other businesses that are discussed on this channel !

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