How this Print Shop made $1Million in 4 years

Have you ever wondered how to take your business from just you to a team of 30? Want to know a secret to success that nobody talks about in the screen printing industry? Double your business and learn the secrets to growing your screen printing business! Learn More here:

– How to make a million dollars screen printing-

0:28 Printed Threads owner Brett Bowden tells you his secrets to building a million-dollar business

1:52 how creating culture helps grow business

2:32 Why core values are important for your business

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About this video: In this video, Brett Bowden from Printed Threads tells his story of how he took his screenprinting business from making little to no money to $1Million in 4 years. Brett Bowden started his screen printing business with his wife years ago out of his garage. With a loan from the bank, he was able to establish and continue to double the growth of his business year over year. Brett drops some knowledge about how he came to learn the fundamentals for a successful screen printing shop and for any business in general.