How strong is 3D printed metal? SLM (stainless steel) vs FDM (ABS) by JLCPCB 3D printing services

In this video I wish to learn how solid is SLM 3D printed steel (316L stainless steel) and also I will compare it with FDM published ABS. SLM printers are pricey, that’s why it is good to have cost effective source for 3D printing solutions. JLCPCB key solutions is PCB production, but they also have 3D printing solutions.

Lead to Excel download and install from:
Mentioned in the video clip:
Run-down neighborhood vs MJF:
Steel thickness:
Shortie, 3D printed spin drill (plastic):

0:00 Introduction
1:00 Ordering procedure
2:00 Unboxing
2:18 ABS parts
4:20 Metallic components
9:05 Steel thickness check
9:52 ABS tensile test
10:31 ABS layer bond test
10:53 Steel tensile test
11:40 IZOD influence examination
15:01 Drilling, touching
15:52 Bending test
17:22 Torque test
19:46 Creep test
22:23 Twist drill examination
24:28 Results
27:04 Conclusions

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