Great Example Of How To Set Up A Screen Printing Shop In Small Spaces

Here’s yet another screen printing educational video about how you can set up a small business in your home or garage. Many people ask me how much space you need to fit floor presses and conveyor dryers in and the truth it you can actually do a lot with a smaller shop. As you will see in this video the room with the press and belt dryer is about 200 square feet maybe less. The darkroom and washout booth are in completely different rooms that are smaller but everything works out great in this small shop built in a house. Although the space is zones for commercial use, the building is an old summer home. There id a decent amount of space but it’s broken up into different rooms with doors and walls as well as windows. So if you’re thinking of starting a business at home and you’re worried about the space you have to work in, then you’ll want to watch this video for sure. Please make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and activate the bell notifications so you’ll get an email or notification when I upload new screen printing videos. Thanks for watching and enjoy!

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