Another FDM vs SLA battle: PolyCarbonate vs Perform Resin – 3D printing services from PCBWay
This is another filament vs resin 3D printing material comparison. PCBWay contacted me, that they would like to sponsor my video to introduce their 3D printing services. A great solution for those, who don’t have a 3D printer or who needs something what is not possible to print on their own printer. I have those test specimens I am using regularly in other videos. When PCBWay asked me to reduce the number of test objects, I decided to do this video for free, but every type of test specimen must be included.

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0:00 Introduction
1:30 Ordering process
3:16 Unboxing
3:41 Dimensional accuracy
6:59 Layer adhesion test
7:40 Tensile strength
8:10 Shear test
8:59 Bending test
9:32 Impact test
10:27 Twist test
11:39 Results
13:51 Conclusions

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