5 Online photo printing services reviewed.

In this video I review 5 online photo printing services. I ordered 10 4×6 prints from AdoramaPix, Walmart, Nations Photo Lab, York Photo Lab and Snapfish. I’ve chosen these 5 based on many reviews and articles I found online. I did not include services where you are expected to do your own color correction. I printed non color corrected photos from AdoramaPix and NPL but I found the color corrected ones to be better so I did not include those in this video.

This is just my opinion. I paid for all these photos myself (or in the case of Snapfish used the free first 100 prints, which is available to everyone) and am not affiliated or in any way connected to any of these companies. This is my unbiased review.

Here’s how I came up with my ranking (out of 10) for each of the 10 unique photos, I took all 5 prints and mixed them up. I then sorted the 5 prints from best to worst, doing this for each of the 10 photos. The best got 4 points, 2nd 3, 3rd 2, 4th 1 and last place got 0. I then added up all the points. I wanted the ranking to be out of 10 and since the maximum possible score was 40, I divided the points by 40. So for example if a service got a total of 21 points, I divided by 40 to get .525 and then rounded it to the closest single digit to get 5/10.