$4.8M/Year Screen Printing Business (Owners Share Their Secrets)

Screen printing T-shirts isn’t the only choice for business owners who wish to enter the display printing company. Locknane Inc. got its begin publishing vinyl aprons for food store and expanding into corporate promotions grew their revenue to a standard of $400K/month. We’ll hear their tale, suggestions, and also development approaches in this video.

Brent Locknane is the third-generation proprietor of Locknane Inc., which was started by his grandfather back in 1946. His better half joined the company in 2006 to help launch Lock Promo, including jackets, encounter masks, and other clothing to the products they tailor for customers. Today, we’ll discover exactly how as well as why Locknane increased their services, and what processes and also systems have kept their core business going strong for 75 years– a remarkable track document for a business in any type of sector.

Advertising and marketing is vital for any kind of business, and Brent’s sales abilities have actually been a big component of his success in silk screen printing. We’ll hear his recommendations for generating brand-new business screen printing clients, and also how their marketing and advertising method changed when the business released Lock Promo. Getting new customers is only part of this equation– it’s equally as crucial to maintain existing clients returning for even more. We’ll find out Locknane’s key to a first-class consumer experience as well as just how that’s helped them develop lasting relationships with national brand names like KFC and Costco.

Whether you’re already a service owner or want ideas on display printing for beginners, Brent has some extremely beneficial suggestions to share! You can discover more about Locknane, Inc. online at https://jo-lock.com/.

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