Optimism is Good for Your Heart Health

Optimism is Good for Your Heart Health

When you are in a good mood and your outlook on life is positive you just feel better overall. Studies reveal that optimistic, happy, glass half full people are more likely to have good heart health as well.

The study https://psycnet.apa.org/record/2012-10025-001 looked at two groups of people who had similar risk for heart disease. The results showed the pessimistic group was more likely to experience heart attack or stroke.

Julie K. Boehm, PhD Harvard Researcher was the study lead. She is quoted as saying that “Historically, studies have focused on the negative impact of depression and anxiety. We wanted to look at the flip side to see how psychological well-being – things like happiness, optimism, and having a sense of purpose – might impact risk.”

Happiness leads to better life choices.

They tend to sleep more regularly, eat better, and exercise. If you are not naturally an upbeat person don’t be hard on yourself. It can be relearned through behavioral therapy and actively watching your thought patterns to help recognize constant negativity, stop it, and replace it with a healthier thought version.

During a collaborative effort on the part of Harvard with Columbia University they based their findings on a 5 point scale. A patient that was able to monitor their behavior and thoughts and was able to raise their number even just 1 point experienced what translated to a 22% risk reduction. That is impressive and could be life changing for many.

While of course more research is needed, and feelings are not exact quantifiable numbers the evidence is mounting and becoming clear that there is indeed a link between heart health and happiness factor so live your life the best you can and try to look on the bright side of things and find humor.

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