Heart Health and Contraception — Reproductive Health Project for MFM

Heart Health and Contraception — Reproductive Health Project for MFM

By: Alexandria Hill, MD

As a college freshman, I sat in a Cardiologist’s workplace, stunned. It was the very first time I learned that the symptoms I had been experiencing for several years were an outcome of badly lessened heart function. The significant fainting episodes that started when I was 14 years old prompted workups for consuming conditions and diabetes, however no one ever believed to assess my heart. My hands would feel cold and clammy, I would lose the ability to hear, and after that my vision would reduce up until the world would go totally dark … and I would wake up on the flooring.

The suggested treatment for my symptoms was to “drink pickle juice.” I was also asked repeatedly to submit urine samples to check for pregnancy, which as a non-sexually active 14-year-old seemed unneeded.

“Your heart isn’t working effectively,” the Cardiologist said. “You need to begin medication right away and come back in three months. If your heart does not enhance, you’ll likely be put on a transplant list,” which was it. That was my appointment.

As I began the medication that would ultimately identify my fate, I was notified to not conceive. With little guidance from the Cardiologist, I did more research study and learnt more about the possible negative effects of the prescribed cardiac medication. I sought care from my OB/GYN for further discussion. Provided my battles with acne, we evaluated alternatives for oral contraceptive tablets. As I aged, the oral contraceptives triggered visual migraines and chose I needed a new alternative. I had another vital conversation with my OB/GYN and together we chose to continue with the use of an intrauterine gadget, commonly described as an IUD. I have discovered from personal experience and throughout my medical training that access to a variety of options for contraception is imperative.During the last 20 years I

have been on and off medication to assist with the functionality of my heart. I have actually likewise invested the last 20 years of my life studying medicine and have actually discovered a house in the field of maternal-fetal medication, which permits me to look after females with high threat pregnancies. I have discovered pleasure in educating and supporting this population. I know how it feels to have a medical condition that, if pregnant, could take your life. I have actually discovered a passion in taking care of pregnant clients with heart illness and I attempt to explain the physiologic modifications their body will undergo, along with the stress that pregnancy put on their heart. Visiting with clients prior to conceiving, we talk about the reality that their heart may not have the ability to support the stressful changes of pregnancy. Now, having just recently turned 40, I can honestly state I was not exactly sure I would ever reach this age.

I am constantly not sure if or when my heart function will decrease to the point of needing to talk about a transplant. I have actually never ever had kids and I understand the battles of having to weigh the dangers of medical problems with the extreme physiologic modifications of pregnancy. I can just think of the strength it takes to enter a pregnancy, with or without medical issues, and I am honored to be a supporter for all patients during these difficult life options.

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