New 12-month Heart Health Research study reveals significant long-term health benefits of supplementing with the Peak Performance Pack! – Melaleuca Journal

New 12-month Heart Health Research study reveals significant long-term health benefits of supplementing with the Peak Performance Pack! – Melaleuca Journal

At their Introduce event on January 4, 2020 Melaleuca announced
that a fourth scientific research study has revealed the impressive impact that the Peak Performance Load has on the most
vital element of our wellness: heart health.

The recently completed Heart Health Research study validates that with
sustained usage of the Peak Performance
Heart Health Load
, the incredible benefits continue for the long term. Over
the 12-month study, individuals experienced enhancements in cholesterol, blood
pressure, and flow. And comparable to the 3 previous medical studies,
participants experienced substantial reduction in free radicals and

These results verify that.
Peak Efficiency
is a dietary supplement pack like no other. Not just.
does it contain an effective combination of patented and exclusive supplements,.
It has sustained the rigors of scientific investigation once again and once again and.
proven its important worth each time.

In the very first medical study, called the Freiburg Research study, Peak Performance improved 25 key health.
markers– many in as little as 60 minutes after taking the supplement. The second.
study– the Sterling Study– produced the very same lead to a various, more diverse.
population. Next, the Deprivation Research study validated the enhancements were connected.
straight to the Peak Efficiency Load and.
that without it benefits would rapidly fade.

By design, the Freiburg and Sterling Studies were just 12.
weeks long, so one concern still loomed– would long-term utilize of the Peak Efficiency Pack continue to.
supply the exact same benefits over a much longer amount of time?

That’s exactly what Melaleuca scientists sought to learn.
with the Heart Health Research Study. Rather of lasting 12 weeks, this study lasted a.
full 12 months! And rather than evaluating the basic Peak Efficiency Nutrition Pack, Melaleuca selected to check the Peak Performance Heart Health Pack,.
which includes the exact same supplements as the Nutrition Pack plus 3.
heart-specific health supplements.

Similar to the very first three research studies, the results were far beyond anything the scientific neighborhood has ever seen– showing that there is absolutely nothing like the Peak Efficiency Load anywhere in the world. Never prior to has any nutritional supplement produced results in human research studies that would suggest that a supplement would assist people defy aging and remain considerably more youthful longer.

The Heart Health Research study included 26 participants equally split.
between males and females, with a typical age of 50. All lived an active lifestyle.
and remained in good health. These were people who you ‘d typically believe.
wouldn’t need to fret about heart health. Simply wait until you see their.

The Heart Health Research study measured 16 different heart-specific.
health markers, with a focus on blood pressure, cholesterol, endothelial.
health, and circulation. These health markers were selected since they are the.
main markers in determining long-lasting heart health. And topics saw.
improvements in each and every single one!

In spite of utilizing an usually much healthier group with a more active.
way of life, the Heart Health Study validated the outcomes of the Freiburg and.
Sterling Studies while highlighting amazing heart-specific health advantages.

The typical individual in the Heart Health Research study experienced the following outcomes: Free radicals in the blood were decreased by 7.3%! Mitochondrial complimentary radicals saw a remarkable 73.2% reduction. Swelling resistance enhanced an incredible 59%! The hs-CRP marker dropped 27.3%!

In addition, there was significant effect on health markers straight connected to heart health like blood pressure, cholesterol, and circulation. Subjects with slightly raised blood pressure saw a drop of 5.1% in systolic blood pressure and a 3.2% decrease in diastolic blood pressure. In healthy subjects with higher cholesterol levels, overall cholesterol dropped 8.1%! LDL, or “bad” cholesterol dropped an incredible 15.2% for the very same group. Furthermore, subjects saw their flowing nitric oxide levels increase 75.6%!

It’s simply further evidence that Peak Performance can help you delight in a healthy life and take advantage of it.

To see the total results of the Heart Health Study along with the previous three research studies, check out

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