Man dies from eating bags of black licorice

Man dies from eating bags of black licorice

Man passes away from consuming bags of black licorice

A Massachusetts building employee’s love of black licorice ended up costing him his life.
Consuming a bag and a fifty percent daily for a few weeks tossed his nutrients out of whack and caused the 54-year-old man’s heart to stop, physicians reported on Wednesday in the US.
“Even a percentage of licorice you consume can increase your high blood pressure a little bit,” said Dr Neel Butala, a cardiologist at Massachusetts General Hospital that explained the case in the New England Journal of Medicine.
The trouble is glycyrrhizic acid, discovered in black licorice and in lots of various other foods and also dietary supplements consisting of licorice root extract. It can cause dangerously low potassium and also inequalities in other minerals called electrolytes.
Consuming just 60 grams of black licorice a day for two weeks could cause a heart rhythm issue, particularly for people over 40, the US Food and Drug Administration alerts.
“It’s greater than licorice sticks. It might be jelly beans, licorice teas, a great deal of points over-the-counter. Even some beers, like Belgian beers, have this compound in it,” as do some smokeless tobaccos, claimed Dr. Robert Eckel, a University of Colorado cardiologist and also former American Heart Association head of state. He had no role in the Massachusetts male’s care.
The fatality was clearly a severe case. The guy had actually switched over from red, fruit-flavoured spins to the black licorice version of the sweet a few weeks before his death in 2014. He fell down while having lunch at a lunch counter. Doctors found he had alarmingly low potassium, which brought about heart rhythm and also other problems. Emergency responders did CPR and he revived but passed away the next day.
The FDA permits up to 3.1 percent of a food’s material to have glycyrrhizic acid, however numerous candies and also other licorice products don’t reveal just how much of it is had per ounce, Butala stated. Doctors have reported the case to the FDA in hope of elevating interest to the risk.
Jeff Beckman, a spokesperson for the Hershey Company, which makes the popular Twizzlers licorice twists, claimed in an email that “all of our products are safe to consume and created in full compliance with FDA policies,” and also that all foods, consisting of candy, “ought to be enjoyed in moderation.”
– AP
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