Braun ActivScan™ 9 – Upper arm blood pressure monitor

Braun ActivScan™ 9 – Upper arm blood pressure monitor

Braun ActivScan ™ 9 – Upper arm high blood pressure monitor/ Know extra™9

The ActivScan ™ 9 is a comfy and user-friendly blood pressure screen. It determines as well as stores your blood stress, which you can access with the vibrant individual interface. Data is displayed directly on the screen in a straightforward method, creating a progressing snapshot of your heart’s health.

Once it has reviewed your blood pressure it colour-codes your results, from eco-friendly to red so you can translate your heart’s health at a solitary glance.

The ActivScan ™ 9 monitor presents all your blood stress information merely and elegantly making use of charts as well as graphes. This means, you can obtain a single reading at a glance but then, with just a couple of clicks, see the bigger image of your heart’s wellness in time. The screen is completely compatible with smart device devices using the Braun Healthy Heart application, which allows you gain access to your data anytime, anywhere and enter way of living information to produce a complete photo of your health and wellness and lifestyle.

Our customized, pinch-to-open cuff fits easily around your arm as well as utilizes soft pump up modern technology. This gives gentle measurement, enabling you to find your high blood pressure easily.

The dynamic customer interface is user-friendly as well as straightforward to utilize and the full colour display is managed by a simple navigating wheel and soft touch buttons.

At the touch of a button, from the comfort of your home, you can review your blood pressure as it transforms over the day, the month or the week. Intend to see the standard for recently? No trouble. Desire to compare it to last month? Couldn’t be less complex.

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