Take the Pressure Off: Your Kidneys and Your Health

Take the Pressure Off: Your Kidneys and Your Health

If you have hypertension, you go to threat for chronic kidney disease, a major condition that can lead to stroke, cardiovascular disease, kidney failure, and also death. Fortunately is that you can assist protect your kidneys by taking care of hypertension with 6 healthy and balanced lifestyle habits.

Find out more concerning the web link in between hypertension and also kidney health: https://www.niddk.nih.gov/health-information/community-health-outreach/national-kidney-month



Take the pressure off: your kidneys as well as your health.

Hypertension is the 2nd leading root cause of kidney failure after diabetic issues. If you have hypertension, you’re at threat for chronic kidney condition, which can lead to kidney failing.

Kidney condition likewise raises your possibilities of stroke, cardiac arrest, and fatality. Early-stage kidney disease generally has no symptoms.

Fortunately is healthy and balanced way of life routines that assist you handle high blood stress likewise aid secure your kidneys.

Take medications as prescribed.

Aim for a healthy weight.

Select much healthier beverages and also foods.

Quit cigarette smoking.

Go for a minimum of seven to eight hours of rest.

Decrease stress and anxiety and make physical task part of your routine.

To learn more regarding the link in between high blood stress as well as kidney health, visit niddk.nih.gov.

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