'Men no longer control us': Inside Kenya's remote sisterhood of empowerment

'Men no longer control us': Inside Kenya's remote sisterhood of empowerment

‘Men no more control us’: Inside Kenya’s remote sisterhood of empowerment

Inside Unity Village, Kenya’s sisterhood of empowerment where guys aren’t enabled By Brooke Bierhaus Updated November 17, 2019 08:34:03 Map: Kenya
Pay attention very closely for the audios of sisterhood– that’s when you will certainly understand you made it to Unity.
The town, developed by a group of women outside the completely dry, desolate town of Archer’s Post in Kenya, supplies a refuge for those desiring to create an independent life, cost-free from inequality, oppression and abuse.
There’s just one caveat: no guys allowed.
After taking a trip more than 250 kilometres on the chock-full “matatu” bus from Nairobi to Isiolo, we made our method into Archer’s Post, where we were instructed to await a lady named Gladys, that would certainly assist us on the final leg of our trip.
As we drove into town, the cabby regreted its seclusion. Why would certainly two international ladies would ever before intend to go to below?
We discussed our passion in fulfilling the females at Unity. He was surprised.
“Who protects the women? Without men they are simple targets for burglary,” he remarked, without requiring an answer.
As we would find, this is no ordinary community. Image: Mama Josephat is the matriarch of Unity, yet insists there is no employer or leader. (Supplied: Brooke Bierhaus)
The ladies below all originated from similar circumstances– several were abused by their husbands, raped, or had become widows.
The solid yet small community is comprised of around 16 females and 34 youngsters, a number of whom were as soon as members of the neighbouring matriarchal town, “Umoja”, but divided because of varying viewpoints. Motivating the future generation of women
As mothers, they all share an usual goal: to produce a safe location to raise their family members, as well as for each child to be educated.
But in Maasai and Samburu culture, sex inequality is raging, clarified town matriarch Leah Lekerimui. Image: The females emphasize the importance of an education for youngsters who reside in Unity. (Supplied: Brooke Bierhaus)
“If my partner was still alive, he would certainly not pay for my ladies to go to institution past a certain age. Only the kids,” she stated.
“But we, as a community of women, want every youngster to have the chance to go to college. Given that we developed this area, we have the sources to send out children to high college.”
The relevance of education and learning is not lost on their daughters.
While reviewing the means the community has formed their lives, 8 girls– aged 9 to 14– elaborated on their desires for the future. Picture: The primary income source for the Unity town is the sale of vibrant beadwork. (Supplied: Brooke Bierhaus)
They are aspiring medical professionals, fashion developers, instructors, program pilots, nurses, and also journalists.
These women recognize the value of an education, as well as they are inspired by the females at Unity to concentrate on their studies in order to reach their dreams.
“We see just how the women interact as well as support each various other,” described among the girls in the team.
“If one Mama does not have money to acquire food for her family members, then the various other Mamas share their food or cook with each other. They all function with each other.”
When the ladies determined to start their very own village, elders from bordering communities did not understand how they could survive without men to secure them.
“The men in the location would drop by Unity when I was gone caring for my goats and also would certainly try to terrify or persuade the ladies that we could refrain from doing this,” Leah says.
“But I informed them that if they have a problem, they concern me.
“Over the years they see exactly how we handle ourselves, as well as they do not bother us with nonsense any longer.” The village remains to develop as a sisterhood
The method the females have actually included their village right into Kenya’s burgeoning tourist sector is a testament to their determination to damage the mould.
Among numerous female-only negotiations in Kenya, they have picked up from previous communities’ errors, and remain to progress as a sisterhood. Image: Visitors driving via to safari will stop to meet the females of Unity as well as acquisition items of their beadwork. (Supplied: Brooke Bierhaus)
They have established a rewarding business marketing beadwork jewellery to immigrants going through and also run a homestay for women who wish to visit Unity.
They additionally work alongside the Samburu Youth Education Fund to offer scholarships to pupils that pass the exams needed to research at a senior high school degree.
But it is not without its difficulties– communities in Archer’s Post are grasped with drought.
“I have actually shed five goats to the dry spell. I now have 14 goats,” discussed Mama Nkamasiyoi, one of the oldest “Mamas” of the village.
While the health of their livestock is important to the town’s survival, the water scarcity– as well as a lack of ability to always access clean water– has larger ramifications.
“We know that when we gather pails of water from the river that we have to steam it before we cook or consume with the water,” explained among the older ladies.
“That has actually aided to keep our families from obtaining unwell or sick.” Picture: Margaret Lepeesha, among the females of Unity, fills up a container of water from the village water storage tank. (Supplied: Brooke Bierhaus)
About 250 metres from the village, the Ewaso Ng’iro River functions as water for bathing, swimming, cleaning up meals as well as food preparation.
Strolling to the river with 3 20 litre yellow containers to fill up, the older ladies enjoyed sharing stories from their everyday lives.
“We typically revive 40 litres of water in a journey. Most days it is once in the early morning and once in the evening,” clarified one of the girls.
Moments later on laughter followed behind us. We were welcomed by a thrill of 20 kids, some from Unity and others from neighbouring towns, running in the direction of the river.
In a flash the group had actually disrobed to swim in the superficial water. Appears of spraying as well as a carolers of little voices resembled in the air.
Their playful nature stood in stark contrast to the reality of the situation: murky brown water, two dead goats stocking arm’s reach of the coast, and also containers of this exact same water being gathered for usage. Photo: Three children from Unity embark on the banks of the Ewaso Ng’iro River. (Supplied: Brooke Bierhaus)
Trying to observe the moment without a Western-based reasoning or ideology of just how one ought to live ended up being harder.
Later that evening the matriarch, generally described as “Mama Josephat”, discussed there had been prepare for piercing a water well in close proximity for the women as well as surrounding towns. ‘We are not the residential or commercial property of men’
While Mama Josephat is the matriarch of the village, she is determined that there is no “boss or leader” that tells the females what to do.
The cash the females make from marketing jewelry is made use of to economically support their very own family members along with the broader area, and Gladys– that was chosen as treasurer– functions along with Mama Josephat to make acquisitions for the town. Image: The ladies of Unity developed the town in an initiative to secure themselves and also their children versus forced marriages. (Supplied: Brooke Bierhaus)
“When people buy from one woman, she keeps that money for herself as well as her household, yet a little portion goes in the village pot,” described Mama Josephat.
“The village money is split right into funds for education, filling up the water storage tank, food, as well as various other community costs.”
Mom Josephat’s duty is to shield and guide the women with any type of problems that emerge, as well as her tough, protective nature of the community appeared throughout our see.
The love as well as care had for Unity was showcased once more as the youngest youngster, child Latrice, was passed from Mama Nkamasiyoi to Mama Josephat’s arms.
A sisterhood of daughters, friends, as well as mommies.
However while the young kids played underneath the shade of an acacia tree, a question emerged: “What happens when the kids become males?”
Mom Josephat grinned and clarified the town merely desires the most effective for their children, with a purpose to guarantee every lady and young boy attends senior high school. Photo: Elaborate and vibrantly coloured beadwork are distinctive elements to Samburu jewelry. (Supplied: Brooke Bierhaus)
“So perhaps they will live in Nairobi or in the cities, however if the boys make a decision to work or live nearby, after that they can always check out Unity,” she stated.
Males rate to go to Unity, Gladys noted, including that “lots of close friends, kids as well as bros dropped by the neighborhood usually”.
“And some of the women have sweethearts or guys in their life … but we make the rules,” she stated.
“We are not the building of men. Guy no longer control us.”
Mother Josephat examined at Gladys and smiled.
“At Unity, we are totally free.”
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