Keto And Heart Health — Dr. Eric Westman

Keto And Heart Health — Dr. Eric Westman

The misconception of high fat (without carbohydrates) bring about heart problem was based on weak science and has actually been confirmed not to be real in time.

Dr. Eric Westman shares his background of examining the subject as well as responds to some of the concerns you had, in this not be missed out on episode of #AskAdapt.

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Jerry 4:52
Just how to reduce heart calcification in the heart. Have a score of 288. Tips for enhancing ball game?

Stuard 5:43
I am 70 years old and experience Dilated Cardiomyopathy I take basic medicine consisting of Apixaban. I am not overweight or diabetic person. Would certainly you advise a ketogenic diet plan purely for my heart function?

Jerry 6:34
Exactly how could insulin levels cause heart condition?

Mark 7:01
We’ve all heard that fat has an adverse impact on heart wellness, what are your ideas?

Ed 7:49
My cholesterol increased 6 months right into the diet, should I fret?

Amanda 9:18
My Doctor desires me to leave this diet as well as insist I take a statin.

Simon 10:12
Can a keto diet regimen reflect a calcium rating?

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