Herbal Tea (Arjun ki Chaal) | Extremely Healthy for Heart | Medicinal Value (With English Subtitles)

Herbal Tea (Arjun ki Chaal) | Extremely Healthy for Heart | Medicinal Value (With English Subtitles)

This Herbal Tea made with Arjun ki Chaal (Arjuna Tree – a 3000 years Old Tree) is a two mins recipe with extremely important health benefits. Have this every morning for immense benefits to heart and body.

Arjun ki Chaal can be consumed directly too without the use of Tea Leaves and Sugar. But if you find difficulty in making a separate routine for it, then it’s better you mix it with tea or coffee and consume it. Once it becomes a habit, you can avoid using sugar in tea. Use sugar free or gudd and consume Arjuna once in a day for immense benefits.


1. Arjun Ki Chaal Powder – 1 tsp [Can be found at every Kirana Store/ Ayurvedic Shop / Medical Shop]
2. Milk – 1 Cup
3. Tea Powder – 1 tsp
4. Sugar or gudd – 1 tsp

Arjuna Chaal:-

Can you imagine a herb that is antioxidant, reduces cholesterol, reduces BP and useful in diabetes, all at the same time? – Terminalia arjuna it is.
This Tree is found on the river banks of India, found almost throughout India. The peel of Arjuna Tree is taken off and used in the form of powder.


— Arjuna decreases LDL levels and is also an excellent antioxidant. Hence, useful in high cholesterol. Arjun is a cardiac tonic. It strengthens the heart, useful in angina and high blood pressure. The bark is rich in high in Co­enzyme Q­10, which reduces BP.
— Useful to relieve ulcers and wounds due to Pitta and Kapha imbalance.
— Reduces fat and cholesterol levels.
— Useful in urinary tract disorders and diabetes.
— Useful in cardiac disorder.
— Quickly heals the fracture.
— Useful in chest injuries.
— Useful in chronic respiratory disorders, tuberculosis.
— Relieves tiredness, fatigue.
— Relieves thirst.
— Useful in bleeding disorders.

Note: This powder can also be purchased online through Amazon.

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