Heart Food – Optimizing Heart Health

Heart Food – Optimizing Heart Health

Healthy cardiovascular function is necessary to being healthy, happy and having good energy. Circulation, heart rate, nutrient delivery and energy productions are all codependent – if any of these system fail, poor health is assured.

According to New York cardiologist Stephen Sinatra M.D., a failing heart is an “energy-starved heart.” So many people who have low energy, high blood pressure, or a history of cardiac problems desperately need nutrition for the heart.

Once you’re starving for nutrients it’s almost impossible to get what you need from food alone. To do so you would have to eat an enormous amount nutrient-dense food for the heart. This would require your diet to be almost solely made up things like liver, kidney, heart, sardines and buckwheat. While I encourage my patients to eat these foods, most would rather take a few tablets of Heart Food each day to ensure their hearts are getting the nutrients they need to thrive.

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