Dr. John Wald on African American concern about heart health

Dr. John Wald on African American concern about heart health

Results of a new Mayo Facility survey reveal many Americans are working to enhance their heart health and wellness.

” Heart disease is still the No. 1 killer of males and females,” says Dr. John Wald, clinical director for Public Affairs at Mayo Clinic. “The encouraging information is individuals are taking action as well as making modifications that can have a positive effect on their cardiovascular fitness.”

According to the most recent Mayo Clinic National Health Checkup, three-quarters (74 percent) of Americans avoid smoking cigarettes to prevent heart condition, while almost two-thirds work out consistently (64 percent) or eat specific heart-healthy foods (63 percent).

” Men were most likely to exercise to boost their heart health and wellness, and also ladies were more probable to change their diet to improve their heart health,” Dr. Wald adds.

Results also show, when there is a family members history of heart disease, cardiovascular wellness becomes also extra concentrated.

” Eight-five percent of Americans have a greater recognition of signs of a heart assault just based upon the reality they’ve had a pal of a relative who has had a cardiovascular disease,” Dr. Wald states.

Since of a family members history, two-thirds (67 percent) of survey individuals say they have made dietary changes. Almost as lots of (59 percent) began monitoring their blood pressure as well as cholesterol consistently. Around half (51 percent) enhanced exercise.

The survey also exposes African-Americans are most concerned concerning their heart health and wellness with even more than two-thirds (71 percent) defining themselves as concerned, compared to Caucasian (41 percent) and also Hispanic (37 percent) individuals.

” And they have a reason to be worried,” says Dr. Wald. “Even though heart problem is the No. 1 awesome of all Americans, African-Americans die at a much higher price than other teams within the U. S. I think it’s a factor that we have to address.”

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