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” 5 Warning Signs of an Unhealthy Heart By Home Remedies Articles. “

We’ve all read the signs of a heart attack listed on posters in the hospital waiting room. But what if there were other, earlier signs that could alert you ahead of time that your heart was in trouble?

It turns out there are. Researchers have done a lot of work in recent years looking at the signs and symptoms patients experienced in the months or even years leading up to a heart attack. “The heart, together with the arteries that feed it, is one big muscle, and when it starts to fail the symptoms can show up in many parts of the body,” says cardiologist Jonathan Goldstein of Saint Michael’s Medical Center in Newark, New Jersey. Here are seven surprising clues that your heart needs a check.

Warning Signs of Heart Attack and Unhealthy Heart:

→ Sexual problems.

→ Snoring, Sleep Apnea.

→ Puffy or Swollen Legs.

→ Shortness of Breath.

→ Constriction or aching in the chest or shoulder.

Important Note:

If you find that one or more of the above signs describes your condition, seek advice from a medical professional immediately. This article is intended solely for informational purposes, and only your healthcare provider can make an accurate assessment of your heart health.

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