Cardio Support | 60 Herbal Tablets – 500 mg ea. | Natural Herbal Supplement for Physical & Emotional Heart Health

Nourish and Nurture Your Heart – Do you find yourself rushing through the day, grabbing a bite to eat on the run? A high-pressure lifestyle, fast-food diet and sedentary habits can put you at risk for cardiovascular health issues. Indeed, the United States of America has one of the highest rates of heart health issues in the world, with over 56 million affected. | Cardio Support provides targeted nutrition to help maintain normal and clear arterial walls by aiding healthy digestion and supporting balanced fat metabolism. Finally, it nourishes the blood, muscles and functioning of the heart, to help keep your heart healthy as you age. | Cardio Support offers nutritional support for the cardiac muscle, helps cleanse the cardiovascular channels, and supports a healthy response to a high-stress lifestyle, impurities in the food, and electromagnetic exposure. Supports healthy heart functioning during emotional challenges Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels by purifying the fat tissue Promotes ojas in the heart, which directly supports natural immunity Aids the mind-body connection by supporting healthy digestion and the emotional response to stress Nourishes the heart muscle and its layers Helps nourish and cleanse the tissues, channels and valves in the heart by supporting balanced lipid metabolism Promotes healthy blood quality by balancing platelet adhesion Especially supportive for people who smoke, are overweight, have a diet high in saturated fats, have irregular sleep patterns or have an irregular daily routine | Keeping a regular routine, eating heart-healthy foods, exercising regularly and reducing stress will increase ojas and improve heart health.

Product Features

  • boosts resistance to stress for peak cardio health
  • protects the physical heart and supports and heals the emotional heart
  • fortifies multiple layers of the heart muscle
  • supports healthy blood flow
  • boosts resistance to stress

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