Heart Solution for Women: A Proven Program to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease

From a leading internal medicine doctor on the front lines of cardiac research, a proven program for alleviating the number one killer of American women–heart disease–designed exclusively for the female body.

In the United States today, heart disease kills more women than breast cancer, diabetes, and stroke. Though one in four women are affected by this condition, when it comes to diagnosis and treatment, modern medicine does not understand the female heart. A man and a woman demonstrating the same symptoms–chest pain, light-headedness, breathing trouble–will likely receive entirely different treatments. He will be sent to have his heart evaluated; she will receive a prescription for indigestion. Nearly all major studies on heart disease have favored male participants, and while the rate of heart attacks among men is declining, in women of the same age, the number is rising.

Nearly 80% of the patients Dr. Mark Menolascino treats are women struggling with symptoms and illnesses involving the heart. In Heart Solution for Women, he shows us how our hearts are the pathway to overall health and teaches women how to care for their own and avoid a life of disease. While the classic risk factors for the disease are well known–obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, stress, and a poor diet–its symptoms manifest differently in women’s bodies. For example, depression, anxiety and panic attacks, poor sleep, and widespread pain can also point to heart disease. Many of these symptoms can be masked during pregnancy, post-pregnancy, and menopause only to appear with great force later in life.

Featuring a unique, personalized protocol, Heart Solution for Women is an effective and achievable call to action women and their doctors can use to combatting and preventing this debilitating disease.

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