Coconut Oil Health Risks (Is Coconut Oil “Pure Poison”?)

I mean nothing speaks to coconut oil health risks quite like a, “coconut oil, pure poison” reference. Basically dubbed the coconut oil Harvard professor overnight, coconut oil and Karin Michels are now forever linked. By labeling coconut oil pure poison, Michels attacked coconut oil health risks and challenged the whole coconut oil superfood association with lightning speed. Still, it seems that her comments are a bit incomplete.

First, is coconut oil saturated or unsaturated fat? It’s saturated fat. Next, you might be wondering, is saturated fat healthy? Maybe. While more saturated fat in your diet does seem to raise your LDL ‘bad cholesterol’, it seems that cholesterol particle size might actually be more important than total cholesterol. Still, to understand if coconut oil saturated fat is good or bad, it’s important to note the difference between medium chain triglycerides and long chain triglycerides. MCT fats have been shown to possibly lead to a faster metabolism. So, if coconut oil is a part of your diet, because you use coconut oil for brain health, coconut oil for heart health, coconut oil in your coffee, or even mct oil in your coffee, I don’t think you need to stop just yet.

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