Heart Disease: Exercise and the heart

In this video, Dr Sanjay Gupta talks about the role of exercise and its beneficial impact on heart health. If you want to speak with me, please visit www.yorkcardiology.co.uk and my Facebook page via yorkcardiology@gmail.com

16 thoughts on “Heart Disease: Exercise and the heart

  1. So glad I found you! I've been through 2 years of Breast cancer treatment diagnosis 2015-2016 and have had BMX. now I'm just fatigued. Lol
    I had an Echocardiogram. You explained the report beautifully!
    And I believe I can stop worrying and get back to exercising.
    My cancer journey is on my Facebook page:
    Lorrie dawn Harp
    Thanks so much Sanjay!

  2. my name is althea am fify one i have dieabetis high blood presure an heart problem am so sick last night my heart was hurting so bad i need help

  3. I would be curious to know what intensity on the 9 min. treadmill would be. I was feeling pressure in the chest so i started walking and swinging 8 lb. dumbels for 30 seconds on my treadmill. I gradually worked up to heavier, and felt great. its amazing how fast your body can adapt. I believe the heart wants to be worked out, just in a gradual way. he's right about listening to your body, very important, I think they call it bio feedback. tonight i did chest flies with 30 lb dumbels. I'm definitely getting stronger. by that I mean my heart felt great, I go by that.

  4. Great video. I have a new habit where i sip cayenne powder in orange juice when i work out. it really improves the cardio flow and helps minimize any heart abnormalities. If the premateur ventricular contractions start up, I switch to L-taurine. that definitely gets rid of them. then a magnesium citrate drink at night that puts me to sleep.

  5. I love this guy! I had insane obesity, hypertension and lvh. I lost fifty pounds and through ace inhibitors and beta blockers my blood pressure is down too. Those drugs are my life line I think. I used to be house bound because of anxiety. I go out and walk everyday, still some weight to lose, ideally another 30-40 pounds. Instead of massive social anxiety I have moderate health anxiety now. I'm hoping walking everyday, plant based diet, and those drugs save me. These videos are so comforting, the more you know etc. So thank you doctor!

  6. I have chronic anxiety, and the only thing that has ever helped me AT ALL is exercise. No pill or medication has ever helped me the same way exercise has.

  7. But how fast do you need to move on the treadmill? Do you mean just walking or running? My consultant said I have cardio myopathy and I can walk for an hour and have no symptoms. On some days though I feel dizzy (usually just for a moment) and especially if I turn quickly and my calf muscles seem to lose their flexibility so I struggle to walk. I never get out of breath and I only get palpitations at rest.

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