Sincerely Nuts Hulled Hemp Seeds – (5 lb bag) All Natural Super Food | Natures Complete Protein Contains All 9 Essential Amino Acids | Heart Healthy Omega 3 Fat | Non GMO, Kosher, Gluten Free, Raw

CRUNCHY HULLED HEMP SEEDS FOR A PROTEIN FILLED DIET. Better tasting grainy crunch The smaller size of the hemp seeds may not seem much until you experience the punchy flavor and smooth aroma. De shelled, to provide you mouth-watering and palatable bites, these are sure to blast you with its own unique flavor. Right out of their shells The accurately preserved natural freshness is experienced from each single seeds no matter if you taste it individually to kill your time or take a mouthful to finish off fast and satisfy your cravings. The protein bomb Hulled hemp seeds contain more percentage protein than the “with shell” variety. Stop your artificial protein shakes and take some of these goodies every day. It’s tasty, fun and offers a sudden change from all those boring tastes. Smaller sized seeds that is full of health and freshness. – Natural hemp seeds for tasty diet needs. – Healthy and full of protein and essential substances. – Sealed with freshness intact. – Imported from Canada. – Kosher certified processing. Click on the “buy now” button and feel the goodness of freshly hulled hemp seeds.

Product Features

  • COMPLETE PLANT BASED PROTEIN – Hemp seeds are one of the only plant based complete protein sources found in nature. When you harvest them they already contain all 9 essential amino acids that the human body needs to survive but can’t make on its own. Each seed is 33% Protein by weight, which means they’re great for tissue repair and building muscle.
  • BOOST HEART HEALTH – Did you know whole hemp seeds have more heart healthy Omega 3, 6 & 9 fatty acids than tuna? Omega fats are essential to a healthy beating heart, blood vessels and can help lower high blood pressure. You can eat hemp seeds raw to help lower bad cholesterol and triglycerides while also raising good cholesterol.
  • HELPS YOU LOSE WEIGHT – Hemp seeds can act as an all-natural appetite suppressant. Each seed is rich in GLA which has been shown to help with obesity and people suffering from blood sugar related conditions. They’re also high in insoluble fiber which helps maintain digestive health and can help keep your gastrointestinal system regular. Hulled seeds are high in vitamins and minerals too.
  • 100% LEGAL & SAFE TO EAT – Hemp seeds are one of the most well rounded complete nutritional superfoods on the planet. They’re safe to eat and are 100% legal to have and consume in both the United States and Canada. They’re great for adding to recipes and cooking, or you can simply eat a couple of tablespoons raw every morning for a great vegan & vegetarian friendly antioxidant rich nutritional boost.
  • UNRIVALED SOURCING QUALITY – At SincerelyNuts® we are committed to the highest quality natural ingredient sourcing and production processes. Our Hulled Hemp Seeds are sourced from ethical farmers in Canada – Canada is famous for the premium production of hemp seeds and oils.

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