Heart Health. Summer Roads Through Colorful Colorado. Blu-Ray Edition. Virtual Indoor Cycling Training/Spinning Fitness and Weight Loss Videos

This journey rewards us with amazing views of Colorado’s continental divide, thick lush green forests, open green meadows, quaint mountain towns and winding roads with steep cliff sides. Best of all, the ride descends 5500 feet! 🙂 Begin the discovery at Echo Lake, gently climb up and over Squaw Pass (10,500′) and descend all the way down to the Denver area.

Heart Health is not about short term solutions, it is about a life change. This inspirational journey is dedicated to living an active lifestyle. Our health can lead us to adventures that few will ever endeavor. Heart Health is designed to keep you active on a recovery day or get you started towards a new active healthy lifestyle.

Audio includes:

  • Track 1. Instruction over music and the natural sounds of the ride
  • Track 2. Music over the natural sounds of the ride
  • Track 3. The natural sounds of the ride

Workout details:

  • Difficulty: 2/5
  • Length: 1.5 hrs
  • Distance: 38 miles
  • Estimated calories burned: 980

Please read customer reviews carefully, there are video demos in there.

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