Heart disease and exercise

Just because you have heart disease, doesn’t mean you can’t be an Ironman.

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6 thoughts on “Heart disease and exercise

  1. Im proud of u my friend, you are a great role model for those with or without heart conditions, young & old alike

  2. i am 25 years old.. i feel sudden cheast pain for one or two second…is it heart disease or not? i am so thin i am only 45 kg….. what should i do? can i do cardip every day….?

  3. I can relate to his story I had a heart attack and arrested twice I had 2 stents inserted and put into a coma they called my daughter and told he I would probably not last the night that was 4 years ago and I now train 4 days a week both cardio and weight training

  4. Hi I'm from the Philippines i have inborn heart disease i want to live more years I'm 25 years old and i love fitness 🙁

  5. I am a recovering heart attack patient doing vigorous exercise 5 days a week. This video really hits home 🙂

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