The New Heart Health

Over 90 percent of cardiovascular disease is preventable or reversible

For decades, conventional medicine has approached heart health with a singular focus: disease management. But there is a better way and there should be a broader focus than just on the heart. Recent scientific research reveals that a little-known organ, the endothelium, is actually the starting point of all cardiovascular dysfunction. Endothelial health is cardiovascular wellness.

In The New Heart Health, Nobel Prize-winning scientist Dr. Louis Ignarro and Naturopathic physician Dr. Andrew Myers give an in-depth look at the endothelium and its role in the cardiovascular system, including:

  • Why heart disease is really endothelial dysfunction
  • How nitric oxide (NO) improves the health and function of the cardiovascular system
  • Expert strategies for restoring endothelial health and preventing or reversing heart disease
  • 10 Power Nutrients for endothelial wellness and how to create a personalized health regimen
  • How you can help eradicate cardiovascular disease around the globe

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