Low-Sodium Heart Health Gift Basket

Our Low-Sodium Heart Health Basket is especially designed for heart patients on a sodium-restricted diet or for anyone interested in watching their sodium intake. The sodium-free and low-sodium foods included have been chosen specifically for their ability to promote heart health–and each one proves that a heart-healthy diet can be absolutely delicious! Contents of the Low-Sodium Heart Health Basket: * Endangered Species or Chocolove Dark Chocolate Bar (Sodium content less than 25 mg) * Mareblu Naturals (Sodium content = <40mg) * Cherry De-Lites Dried Cherries * Dr. Lankin's Awesome Almonds® (Sodium content = 0mg) * Bakery on Main Granola * Bella Cucina Marinated Chick Peas (Sodium content = 45mg)–toss in salad or puree for a great dip! * Sahale Nut Mix * Sunny Seed Drops sunflower nuts (Sodium content = 0mg) * Ginger Spread (Sodium content = 0mg) * Green Tea (Sodium content = 0mg) * Honey Sticks Fruit Flavored Honey (Sodium Content = 0mg) * Bare Fruit Dried Apples (Sodium content = 30mg) * Gnu Bar (Sodium content = 0mg) * Recommended Food Guide for Heart Health * Handmade Basket

Product Features

  • Low Sodium
  • Heart Healthy

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