Dr. Michael Greger – Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer, Low Back Pain, Alzheimer’s Disease…and more

Dr. Michael Greger Speaks…..

Michael Herschel Greger is an American physician, author, and professional speaker on public health issues, particularly the claimed benefits of a plant-based diet and the claimed harms of eating animal products. He is a vegan and creator of NutritionFacts.org.
In his lectures, videos, and writings about nutrition he tries to persuade people to change their eating habits from a Western pattern diet to a plant-based diet—optimally to vegan diet—and says that such a diet can prevent and reverse many chronic diseases. He is critical of other doctors for not challenging their patients to adopt plant-based diets and to avoid animal-based products and criticizes the US government for giving watered-down advice about healthy eating in its guidelines, in order to protect the economic interests of food producers—especially those who make junk food or produce animal-based food.

Can we prevent or reverse heart disease, alzheimer’s disease, cancer, diabetes and low back pain?

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4 thoughts on “Dr. Michael Greger – Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer, Low Back Pain, Alzheimer’s Disease…and more

  1. thank you!! seems like obvious information, but our current state and diseases rising, spreading this awareness is much needed.

  2. Anyone know when this presentation was recorded, and where?
    And, when did he grow the handlebar and chops hair thang?
    Looking good, Dr. G.!

  3. whoa whoa whoa! Hold the phone.
    Are you telling me the key to health is eating your fruits and vegetables? mind blown.

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